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Universal control cable КВВГ, КВКбШв, КВБбШв
manufactured acc. to ТУ 3563-002-76960731-2005

Universal control cables KVVG, KVKbShv, KVBbShv are intended for transmission and distribution of electric power, for transmitting signals in the control, monitoring, alarm systems and inter-instrument connections, lighting, at a DC voltage up to 1000V, at AC voltage to 660V, -at a frequency of 100 Hz or up to 1000 V at 50 Hz (in the cable designation there is an additional code "1".). Cables are designed for fixed and movable laying indoor and outdoors, on the shelves, in the trays, boxes, channels, tunnels, at ground (in trenches ), in the places exposed to stray currents. Cables of "UV" version may be installed outdoors without protection from the solar radiation. Cables can be used in explosive hazardous zones 0, 1, 2 (with regard to the requirements of GOST R 51330.13-99), as well as in the systems of nuclear power plant safety.

Design features, materials and execution

  • The copper solid or stranded conductor — class 1, 2 or 4
  • Digital or colour coding of conductors
  • The cores may be in common shield
  • The cross section from 0,75mm² up to 6mm², number of cores from 1 to 61
  • A wide operating temperature range from −60° to + 200°C,
  • The cable with a special "M" index — is oil-petrol-resistant
  • The cables with an index "нг(A)-FR" and "нг(A)-FRHF" — are flame resistant
  • The cable an index "UV" — is resistant to solar radiationNew materials are applied for version "нг(A)-LS", "нг(A)-HF"
  • Moisture spreading protection is applied Wide range of applications, including all explosive hazardous areas

The combined cable – there are copper wires and optical fibers in one cable

Universal control cables are made of single-wire copper conductor of class 1 according to GOST 22483-77, stranded conductors of class 2 (in the cable code designation symbol "MП") added or of class 4 for a cable with "T" index. The cores have a distinctive colour or digital marking.

Cables in the standard version are made of PVC compound, with the index "ng" – of flame retardant PVC composition, and with the index "нг(A)-LS" – of low flammability and low smoking PVC composition. Cable insulation with the symbol "P" is made of the polymer compositions and is halogen free ("нг(A)-HF"), cable insulation with the index "Ps" is made of cross-linked polyolefin. For the cables with "T" material designation an insulation and jacket are made of a thermoplastic elastomers, so the cables have increased flexibility and & an extended operating temperature range.

Cables may be produced as fire-resistant ("FR") ones - they have insulated cores wound with two mica tapes under the insulation, so cables should keep operating not less than 90 minutes in conditions of open flames and temperatures up to + 780°C.

Cables may have common shiled or a separate shield of each core in the form of aluminium foil or AlumoFlexwith tinned copper drain conductor ("E") or of copper tape or copper foil ("GSM").

Cables KVBbShv have got armour of galvanized steel tape. The KVBbShv cables armour is made of galvanized steel wire with a diameter of 0.3 mm ( by agreement an armour can be made of the wire with a diameter of 0,8-3,15mm). Above the cable core blocking tape can be applied ("HV") to prevent the longitudinal propagation of moisture.

Table 1.

Sign of insulation and jacket material

Fire Safety Index

Material of insulation and jacket (core insulation for all the cables –cross-linked polyolefin)

Example of description

(no index)

(no index)

insulation and jacket material - PVCplastic compound

КВВГ 5x1,0 -УФ


jacket material - flame retardant PVC compound

КВБбШв Э нг(A) 7x1,5л -ХЛ


insulation and jacket material - flame retardant and low smoke PVC compound

КВКбШв нг(A)-LS 10x0,75


insulation and jacket material - flame retardant and low smoke PVC compound. Fire-resistant cable

КВБбШв нг(A)-FRLS 8x1,5



insulation and jacket material - halogen-free polymer compound

КВВГЭ нг(A)-HF 10x0,75 П-М


insulation and jacket material - halogen-free polymer compound. Fire-resistant cable

КВБбШв нг(A)-FRHF 27x1,5 П



insulation material – xLPE; jacket material - halogen-free polymer compound

КВКбШв нг(A)-HF 7x1,0 Пс-1


insulation material – xLPE; jacket material - halogen-free polymer compound. Fire-resistant cable

КВБбШв нг(A)-FRHF 5x1,2 Пс



insulation and jacket material- flame retardant TPE

КВКбШв Э нг(A) 12x1,5мп Т


insulation and jacket material- flame retardant TPE . Fire-resistant cable

КВВГ нг(A)-FR 10x2,5 Э Т

Fire-resistant cable ("нг(A)-FR", "нг(A)-FRLS" and "нг(A)-FRHF" indexes)

Fire-resistant cables ("нг(A)-FR", "нг(A)-FRLS" and "нг(A)-FRHF" indexes)have got conductorscovered with two additional layers of mica tape under the insulation. Cable maintains working efficiency for at least 90 minutes even if being exposed to an open fire and a minimum temperature of +780° C. This feature will help to avoid the emergency power cut-off in case of a fire. Fire-resistant cable requirements for alarm, emergency lighting, and smoke exhaust systems, as well as for fire pumps and elevators circuits, etc. are described in GOST R 53315-2009 and "Technical Regulations for Fire Safety Requirements" of 22 July 2008. No. 123-F3.

Manufacture of customised cable

Customised cables can be manufactured:

  • with coloured outer jacket (red, yellow or any other colour);
  • with combined conductors cross-section ("pairs", "triples", "quadruples");
  • cables can be manufactured with parallel conductors;
  • with intermediate shell "to round shape" - cable cross-section becomes round
  • as combined cable - single cable simultaneously transmits electrical energy (through electric conductor) and optical signals (through optical fiber).
Table 2. Nominal cross-section and a number of cores for cables КВВГ, КВБбШв, КВКбШв.

Nominal conductor cross-section, mm²

Number of conductors

0,75; 1,0; 1,2; 1,5; 2,5; 4,0; 6,0

1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 27, 30, 37, 40, 44, 48, 52, 61

Таблица 3. Cable technical characteristics

Operating temperature

from -50° to +80°C

from -30° to +80°C for cables marked with "П-м" material index

from -50° to +125°C for cables marked with "Т" material index

from -40° to +200°C for cables marked with "Т-Т" material index

from -60° to +80°C for cables marked with "ХЛ"

Minimum cable installation temperature

-15°С or higher

-30°С or higher for cables marked "ХЛ"

Operating voltage

up to 600V AC at frequencies of up to 1MHz

up to 1000V DC

Insulation operating resistance, t = +20°C

at least 300 МΩ·km for cables marked with "Пс"

at least 10 МΩ·km for other cable types

Cable bending radius (D - outer diameter of cable)

at least 12D for unarmored cables КВВГ

at least 20D for unarmored cables КВКбШв, КВБбШв

Alternating bending strength

up to 10,000 alternating bends for cables marked with "T" material index

Climatic category

"В" index, with the categories of placement 2 and 5 (according to GOST 15150-69 standard). Can be used in any climatic region, including tropics.

Resistance to environmental effects

relative humidity up to 98% at 35 ° C

Fungi resistance

resistant to fouling to 2 points

Resistance to longitudinal water propagation in case of the cable jacket damage

moisture is completely blocked for cables marked with "ВЛ"

Fire-resistance (for "FR" cables)

can be exposed to an open fire and temperatures of +780° C and higher for at least 90 minutes

Cable service life

at least 30 years

at least 25 years for cables marked with "T" material index